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     Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching is a positive, energizing process that empowers couples to articulate a clear vision of their ideal relationship, and develop the skills and habits necessary to create and maintain that relationship.  As your coach, I will take you and your partner through a multi-stage experience of

  • Honoring and valuing what works well for you as a couple.
  • Prioritizing as individuals, and then as a couple, those aspects of the relationship that are most critical to the creation of the ideal relationship.
  • Developing a mutual vision of the ideal relationship based on agreed-upon priorities.
  • Establishing specific goals that will move you toward that vision.
  • Implementing specific practices, habits and rituals to achieve those goals.

Perfection, like a sense of balance in one's life, is not a place we reside, but rather something toward which we aspire.  However, when partners articulate a vison of their ideal at any given stage in a couples' development, and consciously act to create that ideal, it is much more likely that the relationship will be nourishing and sustaining for each partner.  Having a clear sense of the intended destination allows a couple to detect more readily when things are moving in circles, or away from the desired goal. 

As with individual coaching, relationship coaching can be done in person, or conducted via the phone, using email or fax to facilitate the work.  Many couples choose to begin their coaching with an intensive two-day, on-site program which covers the initial stages of work.  Subsequent coaching sessions are typically an hour each week or every other week, most often by phone. 


On-Site Program

Though it is not required, the most efficient and effective way to begin relationship coaching is with an on-site intensive program over a two-day period.  During that time, I will guide you through the first four stages of the coaching process, indicated above.  Thus the foundation is laid for implementing the goals that have been established.

I work from Ashland, Oregon, a beautiful small city in the Rogue Valley in southern Oregon.  Ashland is a popular vacation destination.  The professional repertory theatre, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, makes its home here and runs from the end of February through the end of October.  In addition, the Rogue Valley offers a wide variety of outdoor recreational acitivities including skiing, rafting, swimming, hiking and golf.  Ashland is 20 minutes from the Medford airport.  Couples often plan a trip to combine some time away with beginning relationship coaching.  As a result they leave rested, having enjoyed the pleasure of time alone together, and energized to take on the challenge of reshaping their relationship according to the vision they have created.  Please contact me for more information about this program.

Email: jan@janjacobscoaching.com.   Phone: (541) 488-2262.

For more information about Ashland: www.ashlandchamber.com.

For information about the Oregon Shakespeare Festival: www.osfashland.org.




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