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I started my coaching with Jan at a time when I was experiencing significant turmoil in my life. I had a recently been laid off from a job I'd had for fifteen years and I was in a long distance relationship. The continuation of that relationship would require my relocation to a new city, which meant I would be leaving my home and friends behind.

Although I had held a senior management position for much of my career, I knew that my new life would be making different demands on my time. I had been taking classes in interior design for two years preceding my layoff, but I was now faced with the prospect of taking something creative, which I loved, and turning it into a viable career opportunity.

Through our coaching sessions, Jan helped me to examine my fears and to identify positive ways to address them. She also helped me to formulate a reasonable plan with actionable homework, always keeping me moving forward. Before I knew it, I had a plan for my business. I was no longer talking about doing it; I was doing it. I'm now relocated and finishing the plans for my business. Jan's coaching made a real difference for me in how I was able to think about what was meaningful for me in this next chapter of my life.

--Jill Crouch, Cocoon Interior Design
  Cincinnati, Ohio                          


There is a place for all kinds of reflection and help from different sources when trying to discern your path in life.  I am more convinced now than ever that it really is all about the journey, but the decisions on which road to take makes a big difference.  Jan didn't provide me a roadmap, but gave me a compass, a snack, some binoculars and a loving but firm nudge in the right direction.  She was an important piece in the puzzle that has led me to my current path.  I am grateful and appreciate her wisdom and assistance.

                                                                                                                            --David Miller, Non-Profit Director

                                                                                                                                   turned M.Div. Student

                                                                                                                                   San Diego, California


I can't begin to describe how helpful Jan's coaching has been for me. I am going through a particularly difficult time in my life. Not only has Jan been extremely supportive, she has often helped me to see the picutre more clearly. She is an exceptional listener, with keen insight and excellent problem-solving suggestions. She has helped me to determine and articulate mini and broad goals. She holds on to my vision and holds me accountable to what I say I will do. I guess what makes her so wonderful is that she helps me be true to what I say is most important to me.

I am grateful for the chance pairing of Jan and I. I believe that the movement I have made in determining and achieving some of my goals is in large measure due to Jan's wonderful coaching ability.

--Charlotte Goldfried, Toronto, Canada      
    Life Coach, M.Ed., Counseling Psychology


I have had the privilege of working with Jan as a Coach. I was having difficulty maintaining the self-discipline to carry on with my writing in the midst of an overly busy life. Jan worked with me to clarify my own goals, identify obstacles to reaching them, and most importantly helped me to stay on track. She is terrific to work with: insightful, intelligent, supportive and encouraging. Jan really listened to my needs and adapted her strategies to continually help me to stay focused, week-by-week. I recommend her highly!

                                                                                                                          --Debra Zaslow, MFA

                                                                                                                            Writer, Ashland, Oregon


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